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We are not only committed to providing a technically expert and professional service, we are all in Compliance Recruitment for the long term with an established network of contacts as well as our extensive Candidate database and regular sources of advertising for you to benefit from. NB We can cover permanent, temporary/contract or part-time roles.


Having been involved in Compliance since 1988, we are well placed to advise if required as to how much experience you should be seeking for the level of responsibility of the position, or conversely what level of experience and/or qualification you can expect to recruit for a given budget (even if you haven’t written a formal specification yet please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are perfectly able to operate without one or assist you in preparing if required).

Then having identified the candidates by verifying their level of experience, qualifications, salary expectations etc are appropriate, we thoroughly interview them, using our own backgrounds to ensure that

  • their technical understanding is satisfactory for the level required (we can also assist in technical interviewing of internal candidates if requested);
  • their personality is suited to the culture & size of the firm as well as role;
  • the CV contains only accurate content & dates and neither overstates nor omits their relevant experience or product/technical  knowledge  


We are very experienced in helping new companies setting up under FCA (inc PSR) Regulations and both sponsor & work closely with the FCA supported Association of Professional Compliance Consultants which gives us a good understanding of current FCA processes re authorisations. Also our MD has previously worked as a Compliance Consultant directly helping firms authorise, as well as recently advising others including acting as an NED for one. NB As above can write the job specification and advise on the candidate specification needed to ensure will meet FCA approval (including part time) as well as likely salary ranges.


Additionally we not only have offices in the heart of the City of London, Dublin, Geneva & Madrid (and represented in Luxembourg & Zurich), we can source candidates from and into any of the major continents and have done successfully into North & South America, Africa, Australia, Asia (including the Middle East, India & Far East) as well as across Europe. NB We are adept at negotiating packages that in different currencies and considering & discussing the complexities involved including the differences in tax, general cost of living and specific issues e.g. cost of accommodation in desirable areas, education allowances etc.


For a no-obligation initial discussion please contact our Managing Director David Symes FCA on 020 7330 6966 or email him on or